2021 Fulgaz Southern Masters Road Series

Series Rules

Series Competitions and Prizes

There will be multiple competitions running within the Series with a prize pool of over $5,000. The competitions are:

Event Grading

Series Overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series in each Grade (A-F)
Sprint competition In each Grade (at Crib Point x2 and Somers)
KOM/QOM competition In each Grade (at Drouin South, Ripplebrook and Main Ridge)
Women's competition

To be eligible for any Series prizes, you must start at least 2 Series races.

Each rider will be allocated a grade. Should a rider be upgraded they will only carry 50% of their accumulated points to their new grade.

A rider being downgraded will carry 100% of their accumulated points to their new grade.(assumption they do not have many Series points)

Event Points

Sprint Competition: 2 points in the Sprint competition AND 2 Overall Series points

KOM/QOM Competition: 2 points in the KOM/QOM competition AND 2 Overall Series points

Points will be allocated as per the following table.

Placing Points
1 30
2 27
3 24
4 21
5 18
6 15
7 12
8 9
9 8
10 7
11 6
12 5
13 4
14 3
15 2
Finishers 1

Volunteer Duty points

1 Series point for a duty where you are still able to race eg. Construction.

For a non-raceable duty, you will receive the average points you obtained per race across the Series.

Note, this will be re-calculated as your average changes. eg.

Race 1 10 points, Race 2 duty performed 10 additional points allocated, Race 3, 6 points, volunteer points will be adjusted to 8 (10+6 / 2 races).

Race Numbers and Transponders

Bib(race) numbers must be attached to the left hip. Ensure that numbers are clearly visible when riding.

Transponders must be fixed to the lower fork (left or right) with zip ties provided.

The transponders must be returned at the conclusion of racing. A fee of $75 will be charged if these are not returned to registration.


Racing will go ahead if possible, however, weather and other factors may necessitate cancelling one or more events.

If less than 7 events are run as part of the Series, all Series entrants will receive 1 race credit for each event less than 7.

Technical Regulations

Regulations surrounding the suitability of equipment will be in accordance with current AusCycling Technical Regulations with the following exceptions/clarifications:

• All helmets must be Australian Standards compliant [For more information on helmet standards please read this CyclingTips article]

• Please see AusCycling Technical Regulations for Road and Track

Covid Plans

The covid 19 plan can be found here.

Use of Images

These events are held in the public domain. Photographs and videos will record elements of this event. Registration to participate in this event is provided with an understanding that members of the public, the organising clubs and other organisations are likely to publish images of this event through various different media channels.