Fulgaz SMCC 2021 Road Series


Welcome to the 2021 Fulgaz Victorian Masters Road Series, 8 rounds of Graded racing across a variety of courses throughout the South East of Melbourne.

We'd like to thank our sponsors who have made this Series possible: FulGaz, Giant Hampton, BikeNow and The Hurtbox.

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The Series has been sold out, however, a limited number of single-race entries will be available for each round of the Series.

The Single Race entries will be released via the SMCC Team App on the Saturday in the week prior to the event.

For example for the Crib Point on 16th May, single race entries will open at midday on Saturday 8th May.

Race License

Membership to AusCycling is required Full membership or a 4 week free trial


For more information check out our FAQ here

Series Events

Click on the "Date" link to see each event's Tech Regs, Startlists and Results. Note: Results will be posted here.

Click on the "Location" link for a map of the race circuit.

Round Date Location
1 Sun, 18th April Drouin South (Course 18)
2 Sun, 16th May Crib Point (Course 9)
3 Sun, 20th June Cora Lynn Modella (Course 5)
4 Sun, 18th July Cora Lynn - Bunyip (Course 23)
5 Sun, 15th August Modella Ripplebrook (Course 27)
6 Sun, 19th September Somers (Course 10)
7 Sun, 17th October Main Ridge (Course 22)
8 Sun, 21st November Crib Point (Course 9)