2023 AusCycling Elite, U19 and Para Track National Championships

  • Date: 15th- 19th March 2023
  • Anna Meares Velodrome
  • Chief Commissaire: Karen O’Callaghan
  • Organiser: AusCycling
  • Download as: [PDF] [Spreadsheet] [Blog Text] [JSON]

Index of Events

Session 7 – Saturday 18th March Warm up 10.30am - 11.20am
90 JW19 Madison Final
91 Para Team Sprint Qualifying
93a Elite Men Keirin Round 1
93b Elite Men Keirin Round 1
93c Elite Men Keirin Round 1
94 JM19 Team Sprint Qualifying
95 Elite Women Team Sprint Qualifying
97a Elite Men Keirin Repecharge
97b Elite Men Keirin Repecharge
98a Para Team Sprint Bronze Final
98b Para Team Sprint Gold Final
99 JM19 Madison Final
c90 JW19 Madison
c98 Para Team Sprint
c99 JM19 Madison
Session 8 – Saturday 18th March Warm Up 4:00- 4:50pm
101a Elite Men Keirin Round 2
101b Elite Men Keirin Round 2
103a JM19 Team Sprint Bronze Final
103b JM19 Team Sprint Gold Final
104a Elite Women Team Sprint Bronze Final
104b Elite Women Team Sprint Gold Final
105 Southcott Cup Final
106 JW19 Keirin Final
107a Elite Men Keirin 7-12 Final
107b Elite Men Keirin 1-6 Final
108 Elite Women Points Race Final
109 Elite Men Points Race Final
c103 JM19 Team Sprint
c104 Elite Women Team Sprint
c105 Southcott Cup
c107 Elite Men Keirin
c108 Elite Women Points Race
c109 Elite Men Points Race