2023 Oceania Track Championships

  • Date: March 24 th – 28 th 2023
  • Anna Meares Velodrome
  • Chief Commissaire: John McDonnell
  • Organiser: AusCycling
  • Download as: [PDF] [Spreadsheet] [Blog Text] [JSON]

Index of Events

1 J19 Women Sprint Qualifying
2 J19 Men Sprint Qualifying
3 J19 Women Pursuit Qualifying
4 J19 Men Pursuit Qualifying
5a J19 Men Sprint Q/F
5b J19 Men Sprint Q/F
5c J19 Men Sprint Q/F
5d J19 Men Sprint Q/F
6 Elite Women Team Pursuit Qualifying
7 Elite Men Team Pursuit Qualifying
J19 Men Sprint Q/F Heat 2 (See Ev5)
J19 Men Sprint Q/F Heat 3 (See Ev5)
Session 2 Friday 24th March 2023 Warm up 4.30pm - 5.20pm
15 Elite Women Team Sprint Qualfiying
16 Elite Men Team Sprint Qualifying
17a J19 Women Sprint S/F
17b J19 Women Sprint S/F
18a J19 Men Sprint S/F
18b J19 Men Sprint S/F
19a J19 Women Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
19b J19 Women Pursuit Gold Final
20a J19 Men Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
20b J19 Men Pursuit Gold Final
J19 Women Sprint S/F Heat 2 (See Ev17)
J19 Men Sprint S/F Heat 2 (See Ev18)
23a Elite Men Team Sprint 5th/6th Ride off
23b Elite Men Team Sprint Bronze Final
23c Elite Men Team Sprint Gold Final
24b Elite Women Team Pursuit Gold Final
25a Elite Men Team Pursuit Bronze Final
25b Elite Men Team Pursuit Gold Final
J19 Women Sprint S/F Heat 3 (See Ev17)
J19 Men Sprint S/F Heat 3 (See Ev18)
c19 J19 Women Individual Pursuit Classification
c20 J19 Men Individual Pursuit Classification
c23 Elite Men Team Sprint Classification
c24 Elite Women Team Pursuit Classification
c25 Elite Men Team Pursuit Classification
28a J19 Women Sprint Bronze Final
28b J19 Women Sprint Gold Final
29a J19 Men Sprint Bronze Final
29b J19 Men Sprint Gold Final
30 Para Team Sprint Final
31 Para Team Sprint Tandem Final
32a Elite Women Team Sprint Bronze Final
32b Elite Women Team Sprint Gold Final
J19 Women Sprint Final Heat 2 (See Ev28)
J19 Men Sprint Final Heat 2 (See Ev29)
c30 Para Team Sprint Classification
c31 Para Team Sprint Tandem Classification
c32 Elite Women Team Sprint Classification
36 Elite Women Scratch Race Final
37 Elite Men Scratch Race Final
J19 Women Sprint Final Ht 3 (See Ev28)
J19 Men Sprint Final Ht 3 (See Ev29)
c36 Elite Women Scratch Race Classification
c37 Elite Men Scratch Race Classification
c38 J19 Women Sprint Classification
c39 J19 Men Sprint Classification
Session 3 Saturday 25th March 20 Warm up 8.00am - 8.50am
39a Elite Men Sprint Qualifying
40 Elite Women Sprint Qualifying
41 Para IP Men C4 - C5 MB Qualifying
42 Elite Men Sprint Round 1
43 Elite Women Sprint Round 1
44 Elite Men Pursuit Qualifying
45 Elite Men Sprint Round 2
46 Elite Women Individual Pursuit Qualifying
47a Elite Men Sprint Q/F
47b Elite Men Sprint Q/F
47c Elite Men Sprint Q/F
47d Elite Men Sprint Q/F
48a Elite Women Sprint Q/F
48b Elite Women Sprint Q/F
48c Elite Women Sprint Q/F
48d Elite Women Sprint Q/F
49 Para Women C1 - C5 Para Men C1 - Qualifying
Elite Men Sprint Q/F Heat 2 (See Ev47)
Elite Women Sprint Q/F Heat 2 (See Ev48)
52 J19 Women Elimination Final
53 J19 Men Elimination Final
c52 J19 Women Elimination Classification
c53 J19 Men Elimination Classification
Elite Men Sprint Q/F Heat 3 (See Ev47)
Elite Women Sprint Q/F Heat 3 (See Ev48)
Session 4 - Saturday 25th March Warm up 5.00pm - 5.50pm
56a Elite Men Sprint S/F
56b Elite Men Sprint S/F
57a Elite Women Sprint S/F
57b Elite Women Sprint S/F
58a Para IP Men C4 Final
58b Para IP Men C5 Final
Elite Men Sprint S/F Heat 2 (See Ev56)
Elite Women Sprint S/F Heat 2 (See Ev57)
61a Para Women C1 Final
61b Para Women C2 Final
61c Para Women C3 Final
61d Para Women C4 Bronze Final
61e Para Women C4 Gold Final
61f Para Women C5 Final
61g Para Men C2 Final
61i Para Men C3 Gold Final
61j Para WB Final
61k Para MB Final
Elite Men Sprint S/F Heat 3 (See Ev56)
Elite Women Sprint S/F Heat 3 (See Ev57)
c58a Para IP Men C4 Classification
c58b Para IP Men C5 Classification
c61a Para Women C1 Classification
c61b Para Women C2 Classification
c61c Para Women C3 Classification
c61e Para Women C4 Classification
c61f Para Women C5 Classification
c61g Para Men C2 Classification
c61i Para Men C3 Classification
c61j Para WB Classification
c61k Para MB Classification
64a Elite Women Pursuit Bronze Final
64b Elite Women Individual Pursuit Gold Final
65a Elite Men Sprint Bronze Final
65b Elite Men Sprint Gold Final
66a Elite Women Sprint Bronze Final
66b Elite Women Sprint Gold Final
67 J19 Women Scratch Race Final
68a Elite Men Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
68b Elite Men Individual Pursuit Gold Final
c64 Elite Women Individual Pursuit Classification
c67 J19 Women Scratch Race Classification
c68 Elite Men Individual Pursuit Classification
Elite Men Sprint Final Heat 2 (See Ev65)
Elite Women Sprint Final Heat 2 (See Ev66)
71 J19 Men Scratch Race Final
Elite Men Sprint Final Heat 3 (See Ev65)
Elite Women Sprint Final Heat 3 (See Ev66)
c71 J19 Men Scratch Race Classification
c72 Elite Men Sprint Classification
c73 Elite Women Sprint Classification
Session 5 Sunday 26th March 2023 Warm up 10.00am - 10.50am
75 JM19 Team Pursuit Qualifying
76 Para TT C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 Women Qualifying
78 Para TT WB, MB, C2, C3, C4, C5 M Qualifying
79 JM19 Team Sprint Qualifying
80 Elite Women Omnium Scratch Race
81 Elite Men Omnium Scratch Race
82a Elite Women Keirin Round 1 Heat 1
82b Elite Women Keirin Round 1 Heat 2
82c Elite Women Keirin Round 1 Heat 3
83a Elite Men Keirin Round 1 Heat 1
83b Elite Men Keirin Round 1 Heat 2
83c Elite Men Keirin Round 1 Heat 3
83d Elite Men Keirin Round 1 Heat 4
84a JM19 Team Pursuit Bronze Final
84b JM19 Team Pursuit Gold Final
85a Elite Women Keirin Repechage 1
85b Elite Women Keirin Repechage 2
86a Elite Men Keirin Repechage 1
86b Elite Men Keirin Repechage 2
86c Elite Men Keirin Repechage 3
86d Elite Men Keirin Repechage 4
c84 JM19 Team Pursuit Classification
87 Elite Women Omnium Tempo
88 Elite Men Omnium Tempo
89a Elite Women Keirin Semi Final 1
89b Elite Women Keirin Semi Final 2
90a Elite Men Keirin Semi Final 1
90b Elite Men Keirin Semi Final 2
91b JM19 Team Sprint Gold Final
92a Para TT WC1
92b Para TT WC2
92c Para TT WC3
92d Para TT WC4
92e Para TT WC5
93a Para TT WB
93b Para TT MB
93c Para TT MC2
93d Para TT MC3
93e Para TT MC4
93f Para TT MC5
c91 JM19 Team Sprint Classification
c92 Para TT WC1
c92a Para TT WC2
c92b Para TT WC3
c92c Para TT WC4
c92d Para TT WC5
c93a Para TT MC2
c93b Para TT MC3
c93c Para TT MC4
c93d Para TT MC5
c93e Para TT WB
c93f Para TT MB
Session 6 - Sunday 26th March 20 Warm up 5.00pm - 5:50pm
94 J19 Women TT Final
95 Elite Women Omnium Elimination
96 Elite Men Omnium Elimination
97 J19 Women Madison Final
98 J19 Men Points Race Final
c94 J19 Women TT Classification
c97 J19 Women Madison Classification
c98 J19 Men Points Race Classification
99a Elite Women Keirin 7-12 Final
99b Elite Women Keirin 1-6 Final
100a Elite Men Keirin 7-12 Final
100b Elite Men Keirin 1-6 Final
c99 Elite Women Keirin Classification
c100 Elite Men Keirin Classification
101 Elite Women Omnium Points Race
102 Elite Men Omnium Points Race
Session 7- Monday 27th March 202 Warm up 11:00am - 11:50am
102a J19 Men TT Qualifying
103 Para C1 - C5 Men & WomenFlying 2 Omnium Event
104 Para B Flying 200m Tandem
105 J19 Women Team Pursuit Qualifying
106 Para B Sprint Final
107 Elite Women TT Qualifying
Para B Sprint Final
Para B Sprint Tandem
112 Para C1-C5 Women Scratch Race Final
113 Para C1-C5 Men Scratch Race Final
114 Elite Men Elimination Final
115 J19 Men TT Final
c111a Para MB Sprint Classification
c111b Para WB Sprint Classification
c112a Para Women Scratch Race WC1
c112b Para Women Scratch Race WC2
c112c Para Women Scratch Race WC3
c112d Para Women Scratch Race WC4
c112e Para Women Scratch Race WC5
c113a Para Men Scratch Race MC1
c113b Para Men Scratch Race MC2
c113c Para Men Scratch Race MC3
c113d Para Men Scratch Race MC4
c113e Para Men Scratch Race MC5
c114 Elite Men Elimination Classification
c115 J19 Men TT Classification
Session 8 Monday 27th March 2023 Warm up 5.00pm - 5:50pm
116b J19 Women Team Pursuit Gold Final
117 Elite Women TT Final
118b J19 Women Team Sprint Gold Final
c116 J19 Women Team Pursuit Classification
c117 Elite Women TT Classification
c118 J19 Women Team Sprint Classification
120 J19 Men Madison Final
121 J19 Women Points Race Final
c120 J19 Men Madison Classification
c121 J19 Women Points Race Classification
122 Elite Women Madsion Final
123 Elite Men Madison Final
c122 Elite Women Madsion Classification
c123 Elite Men Madison Classification
Session 9 Tuesday 28th March Warm up 8.00am - 8:50am
125 J19 Women Omnium Scratch Race
126 J19 Men Omnium Scratch Race
127 Elite Men TT Qualifying
128 J19 Women Omnium Tempo
129 J19 Men Omnium Tempo
130a J19 Women Keirin Round 1 Heat 1
130b J19 Women Keirin Round 1 Heat 2
131a J19 Men Keirin Round 1 Heat 1
131b J19 Men Keirin Round 1 Heat 2
132 Elite Women Elimination
Break 30 mins Racing to Resume at 11:30am
137 J19 Women Omnium Elimination
138 J19 Men Omnium Elimination
139 J19 Women Keirin Final
140 J19 Men Keirin Final
141 Elite Men TT Final
142 J19 Women Omnium Points Race
143 J19 Men Omnium Points Race
144 Elite Women Points Race Final
145 Elite Men Points Race Final
pwc1 Para Omnium Points Accumulation WC1
pwc2 Para Omnium Points Accumulation WC2
pwc3 Para Omnium Points Accumulation WC3
pwc4 Para Omnium Points Accumulation WC4
pwc5 Para Omnium Points Accumulation WC5
pmc2 Para Omnium Points Accumulation MC2
pmc3 Para Omnium Points Accumulation MC3
pmc4 Para Omnium Points Accumulation MC4
pmc5 Para Omnium Points Accumulation MC5