2022 Track National Championships Juniors, U19, Elites and Para

  • Date: 24th - 30th March, 2022
  • Anna Meares Velodrome, Brisbane
  • Chief Commissaire: Tony Torr
  • Organiser: Auscycling
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Index of Events

s13 Session 13- Wednesday 30th March Warm up 9.00am - 9.50am
219a Elite Men Omnium Qualifying Heat 1
219b Elite Men Omnium Qualifying Heat 2
220 Para Flying 200 Final
221 J19 Men Time Trial Final
222 J19 Women Time Trial Final
223 Elite Women Time Trial Final
224 Elite Men Time Trial Final
225a Para Scratch Race Women Final
225b Para Scratch Race Men Final
226 J19 Women Omnium Scratch Race
227 Elite Men Omnium Scratch Race
229 J19 Women Omnium Tempo Race
230 Elite Men Omnium Tempo Race
Session 14 - Wednesday 30th Marc Warm up 4.30pm - 5:20pm
231 Para Tandem Sprint Women
232 J19 Women Omnium Elimination
233 Elite Men Omnium Elimination
234a Para Tandem Sprint Semi Final
234b Para Tandem Sprint Semi Final
235b W.J. Bill Young Trophy Gold Final
Para Tandem Sprints Men and Women Ev's 231 and 234
Para Tandem Sprint Men S/F See Ev's 234
238 J19 Women Omnium Points Race
239 Para Tandem Sprint Gold Final
240 Elite Women Points Race Final
Para Tandem Sprint Women See Ev's 231
242 J19 Men Scratch Race Final
Para Tandem Sprint Final See Ev's 239
244 Elite Men Omnium Points Race