2024 Victorian Interschool Cycling Series

Series Rules


Welcome to the 2024 Victorian Interschools Cycling Series Summer rounds. This year the events are run with the support of Auscycling Victoria by Blackburn, Carnegie and Hawthorn Cycling Clubs. The series have been run for a number years very successfully. Each event run will be the responsibility of the promoting club.

Use of Images

This event/VICS is held in the public domain. Photographs and videos will record elements of this event. Registration to participate in this event is provided with an understanding that members of the public, the organising clubs and other organisations are likely to publish images of this event through various different media channels.

Event Groups

Age as of the 1st January 2024

Category Age
Junior Men 14 and under
Junior Women 14 and under
Senior Men 15 and above
Senior Women 15 and above

Event Points

Points will be allocated as per the following table. These points will also be allocated to their school.

Placing Criterium Points Team Time Trial Points per rider
1 50 25
2 40 20
3 32 16
4 26 13
5 20 10
6 16 8
7 12 6
8 8 4
9 4 2
10 2 1
11 2 1
12 2 1
13 2 1
14 2 1
15 2 1
16 1 1
17 1 1
18 1 1
19 1 1
20 1 1

Event Entry

Entries is through EntryBoss with the link on the main page.

Race Numbers and Transponders

Bib(race) numbers must be attached to the left and right hips. Ensure that numbers are clearly visible when riding. Each rider will receive two bibs. Transponders must be fixed to the lower fork (left or right) with zip ties provided. Both the numbers and transponders must be returned at the conclusion of racing. A fee of $75 will be charged if these are not returned to registration.

Technical Regulations

Regulations surrounding the suitability of equipment will be in accordance with current AusCycling Technical Regulations with the following exceptions/clarifications:

• Roll out distances (junior gear restrictions) are NOT enforced at VICS events.

• Only Cycling Australia approved standard road bicycles for all events [No TT specific bicycles for either ITT or TTT events]

• TT clip on bars will be permitted for ITT and TTT events

• Carbon wheels will be accepted at a maximum rim depth of 45mm for all events

• All helmets must be Australian Standards compliant [For more information on helmet standards please read this CyclingTips article]

• Please see AusCycling Technical Regulations for Road and Track

Suggested Gear Ratios

Under the AusCycling Technical Regulations, junior riders normally adhere to a maximum gear size during racing events. While the roll-out gear restrictions will not be enforced in the Victorian Interschool Cycling Series, the following ratios are recommended: J11/13 - 5.5m J15 - 6.0m J17 - 7.0m J19 - 7.930m.