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NSW Masters Track Championships - Day 1

Index of Events

1 MMAS1/2 Flying 200m Qualifier
2 MMAS3 Flying 200m Qualifier
3 MMAS4 Flying 200m Qualifier
4 MMAS5 Flying 200m Qualifier
5 MMAS6 Flying 200m Qualifier
6 MMAS7/8 Flying 200m Qualifier
7 MMAS9 Flying 200m Qualifier
8 MMAS10 Flying 200m Qualifier
9 WMAS2/3 Flying 200m Qualifier
10 WMAS4 Flying 200m Qualifier
11 WMAS5 Flying 200m Qualifier
12 WMAS6 Flying 200m Qualifier
13 WMAS7/8 Flying 200m Qualifier
15 MMAS1/2 Sprint Semi-Final H1
16a MMAS3 Sprint Semi-Final H1
16b MMAS3 Sprint Semi-Final H2
17a MMAS4 Sprint Semi-Final H1
17b MMAS4 Sprint Semi-Final H2
18a MMAS5 Sprint Semi-Final H1
18b MMAS5 Sprint Semi-Final H2
19 MMAS6 Sprint Semi-Final H1
20a MMAS7/8 Sprint Semi-Final H1
20b MMAS7/8 Sprint Semi-Final H2
21 MMAS9 Sprint Semi-Final H1
22 MMAS10 Sprint Semi-Final H1
23 WMAS2 Sprint Semi-Final H1
24a WMAS6 Sprint Semi-Final H1
24b WMAS6 Sprint Semi-Final H2
25 WMAS7/8 Sprint Semi-Final H1
26a MMAS Sprint NC Round 1 H1
26b MMAS Sprint NC Round 1 H2
27a MMAS Sprint NC Round 2 H1
27b MMAS Sprint NC Round 2 H2
28a MMAS Sprint NC Round 3 H1
28b MMAS Sprint NC Round 3 H2
30 WMAS4 Sprint Final Gold
31 WMAS5 Sprint Final Gold
32 MMAS1/2 Sprint Final Gold
33a MMAS3 Sprint Final Bronze
33b MMAS3 Sprint Final Gold
34a MMAS4 Sprint Final Bronze
34b MMAS4 Sprint Final Gold
35a MMAS5 Sprint Final Bronze
35b MMAS5 Sprint Final Gold
36 MMAS6 Sprint Final Gold
37a MMAS7/8 Sprint Final Bronze
37b MMAS7/8 Sprint Final Gold
38 MMAS9 Sprint Final Gold
39 MMAS10 Sprint Final Gold
40 WMAS2 Sprint Final Gold
41a WMAS6 Sprint Final Bronze
41b WMAS6 Sprint Final Gold
42 WMAS7/8 Sprint Final Gold
43 Presentations NSW Sprint Championships
15b MMAS1/2 Sprint Semi-Final H2
44 MMAs1/2 bronze