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Australian Junior Track Championships Saturday 25th February 2018

Index of Events

Warm up
82 JW15 Keirin Final
83 JM15 Keirin Final
84 JW17 Keirin Final
85 JM17 Keirin Final
p1 JW15 Presentations Keirin
p2 JM15 Presentations Keirin
p3 JW17 Presentations Keirin
p4 JM17 Presentations Keirin
86 JW15 Scratch Race Final
87 JM15 Scratch Race Final
88 JW17 Scratch Race Final
89 JM17 Scratch Race Final
p5 JW15 Presentations Scratch Race
p6 JM15 Presentations Scratch Race
p7 JW17 Presentations Scratch Race
p8 JM17 Presentations Scratch Race
p9 Perpetual Trophy Presentations Champion of Champions & Ray Godkin Shield
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