2024 NSW U15 & U17 Track State Championships

  • Date: 16th, 17th & 18th February 2024
  • Dunc Gray Velodrome, Sydney
  • Chief Commissaire: Neil Mason
  • Organiser: AusCycling
  • Download as: [PDF] [Spreadsheet] [Blog Text] [JSON]

Index of Events

Day 1 - Friday 16th February
1 JW15 Individual Time Trial
2 JM15 Individual Time Trial
3 JW17 Individual Time Trial
4 JM17 Individual Time Trial
Presentations Individual Time Trial
5a JW15 Keirin - Heat 1
5b JW15 Keirin - Heat 2
6a JM15 Keirin - Heat 1
6b JM15 Keirin - Heat 2
6c JM15 Keirin - Heat 3
7a JW17 Keirin - Heat 1
7b JW17 Keirin - Heat 2
8a JM17 Keirin - Heat 1
8b JM17 Keirin - Heat 2
9 JW15 Points Race
10 JM15 Points Race
11 JW17 Points Race
12 JM17 Points Race
Presentations Points Race
Day 2 - Saturday 17th February
13 JW17 Sprint Qualifying
14 JM17 Sprint Qualifying
15 JW15 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
16 JM15 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
17 JW17 Sprint Round of 8
18 JM17 Sprint Round of 8
Break 15mins
19a JM15 Keirin Repecharge
19b JM15 Keirin Repecharge
19c JM15 Keirin Repecharge
20a JW17 Sprint Semi Finals
20b JW17 Sprint Semi Finals
21a JM17 Sprint Semi Finals
21b JM17 Sprint Semi Finals
15a JW15 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
15b JW15 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
16a JM15 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
16b JM15 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
22a JM17 Sprint Bronze Final
22b JM17 Sprint Gold Final
22c JW17 Sprint Bronze Final
22d JW17 Sprint Gold Final
23a JM15 Keirin Round 2 - Heat 1
23b JM15 Keirin Round 2 - Heat 2
Presentations Individual Pursuit & Sprint
24a JM15 Keirin 7th - 11th Final
24b JM15 Keirin 1st - 6th Final
25a JW15 Keirin 7th - 12th Final
25b JW15 Keirin 1st - 6th Final
27 JM15 Team Sprint Qualifying
28 JW17 Team Pursuit Gold Final
29 JM17 Team Pursuit Gold Final
30 JW15 Team Sprint Gold Final
31a JM15 Team Sprint Bronze Final
31b JM15 Team Sprint Gold Final
Presentations Keirin, Team Sprint & TP
Day 3 - Sunday 18th February
32 JM15 Sprint Qualifying
33 JW15 Sprint Qualifying
34 JM15 Sprint Round of 16
35 JW17 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
36 JM17 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
37 JW15 Sprint Round of 8
38 JM15 Sprint Round of 8
39a JW15 Sprint Semi Finals
39b JW15 Sprint Semi Finals
40a JM15 Sprint Semi Finals
40b JM15 Sprint Semi Finals
41a JW17 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
41b JW17 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
42a JM17 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
42b JM17 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
43a JW15 Sprint Bronze Final
43b JW15 Sprint Gold Final
44a JM15 Sprint Bronze Final
44b JM15 Sprint Gold Final
Presentations Sprint & Individual Pursuit
45a JW17 Keirin 7th - 12th Final
45b JW17 Keirin 1st - 6th Final
46a JM17 Keirin 7th - 12th Final
46b JM17 Keirin 1st - 6th Final
47 JM15 Team Pursuit Qualifying
49 JW15 Team Pursuit Gold Final
50 JM17 Team Sprint Gold Final
51 JW17 Team Sprint Gold Final
52 JM15 Team Pursuit Bronze Final
53 JM15 Team Pursuit Gold Final
Presentations Keirin, Team Sprint & TP