Victorian Track Championships Para, J19 and Elite

  • Date: 9th December 2023
  • DISC Velodrome Melbourne
  • Chief Commissaire: Doug Armstrong
  • Organiser: AusCycling Victoria
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Index of Events

Warm Up
31 Para-cycling Women C1-C5 Individual Pursuit Qualifying -
32b Para-cycling Men C3/MAWII Individual Pursuit Qualifying -
33 JW19 Time Trial Qualifying 500m
34 JM19 Time Trial Qualifying 1000m
35 Elite Women Time Trial Qualifying 500m
36 Elite Men Time Trial Qualifying 1000m
Resume: 14:25 Break
39 JW19 Time Trial Finals - 500m
40 JM19 Time Trial Finals -1000m
41 Elite Women Time Trial Finals - 500m
42 Elite Men Time Trial Finals -1000m
43 Para-cycling Flying 200m
Presentations IP and TT
44 JW19/Elite Women Points Race
45 JM19/Elite Men Points Race
Presentation Points Race