Communique Day 3 - Schedule Updates

      Event 50b JW19 IP - Felicity Wilson Haffenden (TAS) new Australian Record in a time of 2.20.361.

      Event 66 Qualifying - MB and WB are run over 4.5 laps as per UCI advice.

      There will be no qualifying round (Event 67) as there are only 6 entries. Final is event 81.

      Team Pursuit (events 72, 73, 78, 79). Where a composite team is riding, they are not eligible for a medal.

      Elite Men: 4 teams, one composite, Top 2 to Gold Final (event 105), 3rd fastest team Bronze (no final ride).

      Elite Women: South Australian team, riding Final as event78.

      Junior Women 2 teams (one composite, does not medal) both riding in Qualification event 72.

      Junior Men: 4 teams, 2 fastest to gold final, 3 & 4 to Bronze.

      Event 89, Elite Men Points Race Heats are not required.