AusCycling Queensland 2024 Junior Track Championships

  • Date: 1-3 December 2023
  • Anna Meares Velodrome
  • Chief Commissaire: Carolyn Jones
  • Organiser: AusCycling QLD
  • Download as: [PDF] [Spreadsheet] [Blog Text] [JSON]

Index of Events

Session 1 - Friday 1st Dec Warm up 12:00pm to 12:50pm
1 JW17 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
2 JM17 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
3 JW15 Sprint Qualifying
4 JM15 Sprint Qualifying
5 JM15 Sprint Round 1
5a JM15 Sprint Repecharge
5b JM15 Sprint Repecharge
6 JW15 Sprint Q/F
7 JM15 Sprint Q/F
8a JW15 Sprint S/F
8b JW15 Sprint S/F
9a JM15 Sprint S/F
9b JM15 Sprint S/F
10 JM15 Sprint 9-11 Place
11 JM15 Sprint 5-8 Place
12 JW15 Sprint 5-7 Place
JW15 Sprint S/F Ht 2
JM15 Sprint S/F Ht 2
15a JW17 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
15b JW17 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
16a JM17 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
16b JM17 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
JW15 Sprint S/F Ht 3
JM15 Sprint S/F Ht 3
15c JW17 Individual Pursuit
16c JM17 Individual Pursuit
s2 Session 2 - Friday 1 Dec Warm up 4:30pm - 5:20pm
19a JW15 Sprint Bronze Final
19b JW15 Sprint Gold Final
20a JM15 Sprint Bronze Final
20b JM15 Sprint Gold Final
21a JM17 Keirin Round 1 Heat 1
21b JM17 Keirin Round 1 Heat 2
21c JM17 Keirin Round 1 Heat 3
22a JW17 Keirin Round 1 Heat 1
22b JW17 Keirin Round 1 Heat 2
JW15 Sprint Final Ht 2
JM15 Sprint Final Ht 2
25a JM17 Keirin Repecharge Heat 1
25b JM17 Keirin Repecharge Heat 2
JW15 Sprint Final Ht 3
JM15 Sprint Final Ht 3
c26 JW15 Sprint
c27 JM15 Sprint
28a JM17 Keirin Round 2 Heat 1
28b JM17 Keirin Round 2 Heat 2
29 JW15 Points Race Final
30 JM15 Points Race Final
31a JW17 Keirin 7-12 Final
31b JW17 Keirin 1-6 Final
32a JM17 Keirin 7-12 Final
32b JM17 Keirin 1-6 Final
c29 JW15 Points Race
c30 JM15 Points Race
c31 JW17 Keirin
c32 JM17 Keirin
Session 3 - Saturday 2 Dec Warm up 9:00am to 9:50am
33 JW15 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
34 JM15 Individual Pursuit Qualifying
35 JW17 Sprint Qualifying
36 JM17 Sprint Qualifying
37 JW17 Sprint Rd 1
38 JM17 Sprint Rd 1
39a JW17 Sprint Repecharge
39b JW17 Sprint Repecharge
40a JM17 Sprint Q/F
40b JM17 Sprint Q/F
40c JM17 Sprint Q/F
40d JM17 Sprint Q/F
41a JW17 Sprint Q/F
41b JW17 Sprint Q/F
41c JW17 Sprint Q/F
41d JW17 Sprint Q/F
JM17 Sprint Q/F Ht 2
JW17 Sprint Q/F Ht 2
44a JM17 Sprint 13-14 place
44b JM17 Sprint 11-12 place
44c JM17 Sprint 9-10 place
JW17 Sprint Q/F Ht 3
JM17 Sprint Q/F Ht 3
47 JW17 Sprint 5-10 place
48a JW15 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
48b JW15 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
49a JM15 Individual Pursuit Bronze Final
49b JM15 Individual Pursuit Gold Final
c48 JW15 Individual Pursuit
c49 JM15 Individual Pursuit
BREAK 30 Mins
50a JW17 Sprint S/F
50b JW17 Sprint S/F
51a JM17 Sprint S/F
51b JM17 Sprint S/F
52 J17 Team pursuit Qualifying
JW17 Sprint S/F Ht 2
JM17 Sprint S/F Ht 2
55 JW15 Scratch Final
JW17 Sprint S/F Ht 3
JM17 Sprint S/F Ht 3
58 JM15 Scratch Final
59a JW17 Sprint Bronze Final
59b JW17 Sprint Gold Final
60a JM17 Sprint Bronze Final
60b JM17 Sprint Gold Final
61 JW17 Team Pursuit Final
JW17 Sprint Final Ht 2
JM17 Sprint Final Ht 2
64a J17 Team Pursuit Bronze Final
64b J17 Team Pursuit Gold Final
JW17 Sprint Final Ht 3
JM17 Sprint Final Ht 3
c55 JW15 Scratch
c58 JM15 Scratch
c59 JW17 Sprint
c60 JM17 Sprint
c61 JW17 Team Pursuit
c64 J17 Team Pursuit
67 JW17 Scratch Race
68 JM17 Scratch Race
c67 JW17 Scratch Race
c68 JM17 Scratch Race
Session 4 - Sunday 3 Dec Warm up 8:00am - 8:50am
69 U9B Flying 200 Final
70 U11G Flying 200m Final
71 U11B Flying 200 Final
72 U13G Flying 200 Final
73 U13B Flying 200 Final
c69 U9B Flying 200
c70 U11G Flying 200
c71 U11B Flying 200
c72 U13G Flying 200
c73 U13B Flying 200
74 JW15 TT Final
75 JM15 TT Final
76 JW17 TT Final
77 JM17 TT Final
78 U9B TT Final
79 U11G TT Final
80 U11B TT Final
81 U13G TT Final
82 U13B TT Final
c74 JW15 TT
c75 JM15 TT
c76 JW17 TT
c77 JM17 TT
c78 U9B TT
c79 U11G TT
c80 U11B TT
c81 U13G TT
c82 U13B TT
Break Racing to resume at 11:35am
83 JW17 Team Sprint Qualifying
84 J17 Team Sprint Qualifying
85 U9B and U11 Combined Scratch Race Final
86a JM15 Keirin Rd 1 Heat 1
86b JM15 Keirin Rd 1 Heat 2
87 U13G Scratch Race Final
88 U13B Scratch Race Final
89a JM15 Keirin Repecharge 1
89b JM15 Keirin Repecharge 2
90a JW17 Team Sprint Bronze Final
90b JW17 Team Sprint Gold Final
91a J17 Team Sprint Bronze Final
91b J17 Team Sprint Gold Final
92 U9 Individual Pursuit Final
93 U11G Individual Pursuit Final
94 U11B Individual Pursuit Final
95 U13 G Individual Pursuit Final
96 U13B Individual Pursuit Final
c85 U9B and U11 Combined Scratch Race
c87 U13G Scratch Race
c88 U13B Scratch Race
c90 JW17 Team Sprint
c91 J17 Team Sprint
c92 U9 Individual Pursuit
c93 U11G Individual Pursuit
c94 U11B Individual Pursuit
c95 U13 G Individual Pursuit
c96 U13B Individual Pursuit
97 JW15 Keirin Final
98a JM15 Keirin 7-12 Final
98b JM15 Keirin 1-6 Final
99 JW17 Points Race Final
100 JM17 Points Race Final
c97 JW15 Keirin
c98 JM15 Keirin
c99 JW17 Points Race
c100 JM17 Points Race