2022 Oceania Track Championships

  • Date: April 2nd - 5th, 2022
  • Anna Meares Velodrome, Brisbane
  • Chief Commissaire: Wayne Pomario and Greg Griffiths for Para Events
  • Organiser: AusCycling
  • Download as: [PDF] [Spreadsheet] [Blog Text] [JSON]

Index of Events

Session 7 Tuesday 5th April 2022 Warm up 9:00am - 9:50am
117 Para Flying 200m Tandem
118 Para IP Qualifying Women C2
118a Para IP Qualifying Women C4
119 J19 Women Omnium Scratch Race
120 J19 Men Omnium Scratch Race
121 Elite Women Omnium Scratch Race
122 Elite Men Omnium Scratch Race
124 Para IP Qualifying Men C5
126 J19 Women Omnium Tempo Race
127 J19 Men Omnium Tempo Race
128 Elite Women Omnium Tempo Race
129 Elite Men Omnium Tempo Race
133 Elite Women Team Sprint Qualifying
134 Elite Men Team Sprint Qualifying
Session 8 Tuesday 5th April 2022 Warm up 3.00pm - 3:50pm
136 J19 Women Omnium Elimination
137 J19 Men Omnium Elimination
138 Elite Women Omnium Elimination
139 Elite Men Omnium Elimination
141a Para IP Final Women C2
141b Para IP Final Women C3
141c Para IP Final Women C4
141d Para IP Final Women C5
141e Para IP Final Men C2
141f Para IP Final Men C3
141g Para IP Final Women Tandem
142 Para IP Final Men C4
142a Para IP Final Men C5
144 J19 Women Team Sprint Gold Final
145a Elite Women Team Sprint Bronze Final
145b Elite Women Team Sprint Gold Final
146 J19 Men Team Sprint Gold Final
147a Elite Men Team Sprint Bronze Final
147 Elite Men Team Sprint Gold Final
148 J19 Women Omnium Points Race
149 J19 Men Omnium Points Race
150 Elite Women Omnium Points Race
151 Elite Men Omnium Points Race