Central West Track Open U17M Mystery Lap Race

  • Date: 3rd December 2022
  • U17M Mystery Lap Race
  • Bathurst Velodrome - Orton Park

Event 33b: U17M Mystery Lap Race

One Lap neutral then dice rolled to determine the number of laps remaining - Result

1. 24 Jake PAJTL (Newcastle Hunter CC) Country
2. 27 Harry WEEKS (Dubbo CC) Country
3. 18 Jeremy CANNON (Neo CC) Metro
4. 25 Jude WILLIAMS (Illawarra CC) Country
5. 20 Henry HANSEN (Orange MTB Club) Country
6. 23 Charles ALCOCK (Illawarra CC) Country
dns 17 Hudson ROWLING (Peloton Sports) Metro
dns 13 Hayden STEVENS (Canberra CC) Non-Champ
dns 19 Tobin SMITH (Neo CC) Metro
dns 15 Cameron CRUMP (Orange CC) Country
dns 21 Patrick MAYE (Lidcombe Auburn CC) Metro
dns 22 Ben COATES (Manly Warringah CC) Metro
dns 16 Lachlan CRUMP (Orange CC) Country
dns 11 Bailey MACDONALD (Vikings CC (ACT)) Non-Champ
dns 14 Rab DRUMMOND (Lidcombe Auburn CC) Metro
dns 12 Liam GOLTMAN (Lidcombe Auburn CC) Metro