2021 Melbourne Track Endurance GP

  • Date: Saturday, 23rd January 2021
  • DISC Velodrome Melbourne
  • Chief Commissaire: Dave Morgan
  • Organiser: AusCycling Victoria
  • Download as: [PDF] [Spreadsheet] [Blog Text] [JSON]

Index of Events

1 Trials
2 J13 and younger Scratch (10 laps)
3a JM15/JW17 Scratch (15 laps)
3b JM15/JW17 Scratch (15 laps)
4 JM17 Scratch (20 laps)
5 J13 and younger Tempo (10 laps)
6a JM15 Tempo (15 laps)
6b JW17 Tempo (15 laps)
7 JM17 Tempo (20 laps)
8 J13 and younger Elimination
9a JM15 Elimination
9b JW17 Elimination
10 JM17 Elimination
11 J13 and younger Mystery Event
12a JM15 Mystery Event
12b JW17 Mystery Event
13 JM17 Mystery Event
14 J13 and younger Points Score (10 laps)
15a JM15 Points Score (20 laps)
15b JW17 Points Score (20 laps)
16 JM17 Points Score (30 laps)
17 Trials indiv pursuit
18 Presentations J15 and J17
Break Resume @ 13:00
20a Trials: Jack Edwards 200m
20b Trials: Eddie Worrall 3000m
21a Men B Scratch (25 laps)
21b Women/Men B Scratch (25 laps)
22 Men A Scratch (30 laps)
25a Men B Tempo (25 laps)
25b Women/Men B Tempo (25 laps)
26 Men A Tempo (30 laps)
28a Men B Elimination
28b Women Elimination
29 Men A Elimination
30a Break/Trials: Alyssa Polites 200
30b Trial
30c Trial Tarun Cook 3000m
31a Men B Mystery Event
31b Women Mystery Event
32 Men A Mystery Event
34a Men B Points Race (40)
34b Women Points Race (40)
35 Men A Points Race (60)
36 Presentations