Oceania Road Championships 2023 Commissaire Communique 3. - inclusive of Para-cycling Timetable from 2pm, Technical and feeding information - 31st March 2023

The UCI Technical Commissaire – After the following Road Races the first 3 in:

These riders are to report to bicycle control immediately after the finish with their bike. This will located near the podium. In addition, any bikes tagged for inspection must also be brought to the bicycle control immediately after tagging.

Failure to report may be considered as evading a control and risks Disqualification, suspension or significant fine.

Para-cycling Road Race – change to distances as a result of topography

2.00 pm

MC4-5 2 Laps (55.8 kms)

MC 2-3 2 Laps

MB 2 Laps


WB 2 laps (55.8 kms)

WC4-5 2 laps


MH3-5 1 Laps (27.9 kms)

WC1-3 1 Lap

WH1-4 1 Lap

MH1-2 1 Lap

MT1-2 1 Lap

WT1-2 1 Lap

Note a feed zone will be situated on the left just beyond the Start/Finish line and will allow at the completion of each lap in all races.

A time cut at the finish of 8% applies – also for course and rider safety riders will be withdrawn after each if they have dropped behind the race envelop.

Panel of Commissasaires